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What's 'Hobson's Choice?'
Our Mission is to create a warm, inviting, Victorian-styled drinking environment staffed by experts able to tend to our customers' libation needs while challenging them to experiment with the unknown. What is a Hobson's Choice!?


Greg "Decision Maker" Medow is a graduate of Cornell University's School of Hotel Management. He has over fifteen years in the restaurant & bar industry, honing many of his skills in the early 90's working in Manhattan for Drew Nieporent's critically acclaimed Myriad Restaurant Group. Never one to sit still for long (unless the Yankees are playing), Greg is also managing partner and "wine boy" of Indigo Restaurant, Owner of Jade Bar with its 20 foot waterfall, and is consulting partner on Asqew Grill. With another half-dozen new ideas waiting in the wings, Greg is constantly pushing the limits of the human mind. It's kind of hard to define exactly what Greg does at Hobson's Choice, but whatever it is, he does it amazingly well!

Mike "Publican" Moran is a veteran of the restaurant and bar industry, having worked in, frequented, and even been forcibly removed from a wide range of establishments. Mike spent his undergrad years at Cornell University playing live music, and somehow managing a degree in Neurobiology. Dr. Mike is not just a musician and bartender but also a veterinarian, a graduate of the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis. When he is not snowboarding in Tahoe, playing bass or guitar, or taking care of your pets at Presidio Way Veterinary Hospital, Mike can be found at Hobson's alternately lending his talents behind the bar and putting fellow bartenders to the test when he's in front of it.

Diane "Social Butterfly" Mulligan After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics, she spent a few years as an auditor with Ernst & Young - just long enough to realize that she hated performing audits. After a year in the Academy of Art's graduate program she was hired to design and produce in-store visuals for all the then brand-new Old Navy stores. In a devastating blow to the art world, Diane returned to the world of high-finance, but still claims to be somewhat artistic, if no-longer a starving artist. For her relatively limited experience in the restaurant & bar industry, she has an almost unhealthy attraction to it. She takes care of Hobson's financial matters, graphic design and decor. Now if she only knew how to make more than five drinks....

David "Bar Guy" Gogolak is in our memory each and every day. His life was tragically lost in an Avalanche accident in Montana in January 2008. His spirit is with us, and so are his accomplishments: He received his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration in 1997 and has been in the restaurant business most of his life. David has worked at a variety of different restaurants, starting his career at an early age as a busboy. During his years at Cornell, David cooked at several different restaurants and became General Manager of a high volume local bar. His passion for the business has resulted in management positions at The Hard Rock Café, The Myriad Restaurant Group's Tribeca Grill, and The Kimpton Group's flagship restaurant, Kuleto's. Additionally David spent a year as the Manager at Saddlebrooke Resort, a four-star seven hundred-room resort in Tampa, Florida. David attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, and in 1998, David became a partner in Haight Street's Hobson's Choice - Victorian Punch House. Nine years ago David Co-founded Asqew Grill, a 9 unit, San Francisco based restaurant chain. He still prides himself on one of his greatest accomplishments to date: 40 oz. of beer..........12.2 seconds.

Chris "Ferny" Dickerson is our General Manager. A Native San Franciscan, Chris has made a few tours of duty in the customer service field. Chris attended Long Beach State and he's an die-hard SF 49er fan, making him a 49er two times over. As a sports factualist and an avid golfer, Chris prefers to relax after his hole in ones with a shot of Fernet. When not making mojitos or zombies at Hobson's you can find Chris partaking in a shot of Fernet and a mug o' beer at Hobson's, adding to the laid back atmosphere he actively cultivates. Otherwise, you can find him at Hobson's or at his favorite watering hole, Hobson's Choice. Did we mention he likes Fernet?

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